Data Processing Agreements with Automattic

Automattic is committed to helping our customers run their sites and online businesses in a manner that complies with the GDPR’s data protection and data transfer laws.

One way we are fulfilling our commitment is by providing a Data Processing Agreement, which is a contract that documents Automattic’s compliance with the GDPR requirements that apply to us as a data processor for your site. The Agreement also satisfies the requirement for standard model clauses that govern the transfer of your data to Automattic and its subsidiaries.

The Data Processing Agreement is an amendment to our Terms of Service and is available to anyone with an active subscription for one of our paid products. You can read our Data Processing Agreement here.

If you would like to sign a Data Processing Agreement with us, please contact us at In your email, please let us know your username, list the paid product(s) to which you have subscribed, and whether you participate in our WordAds/Jetpack ads programs. We will follow up with a copy of the Data Processing Agreement for you to sign.

Offering a Data Processing Agreement is one way in which we’re assisting our users, worldwide, in meeting the requirements of GDPR.

4 thoughts on “Data Processing Agreements with Automattic

    1. Some website owners do yes, mainly businesses that make contractual commitments to their own customers or users about GDPR compliance and need a contract like this DPA to demonstrate that they’ve checked the right boxes with the web host that handles their data (Automattic). Most users of or free plans do not have these types of commitments or concerns, but if they do, the option to get a DPA is available as part of one of our paid plans.


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